Heleen Schoorl - Natuur als Vormgever


Just a Dutch human-being who writes a poem.....in winter....


Let us shine like the heavens cover us with snow crystals falling out of the clouds

Let us see as sharp as the sun can shine on that crystals

Let us reflect upon our minds like the crystals itself shine in the rays of sunlight

Let us be wise as the deer that step over the covered white land looming for a plcae to hide and rest...

it is a cry of mother earth, your mother, our mother, DO NOT WANT IT AND DO NOT DESERVE IT, LIVE WITH IT, together,....you and we AND SHE needs CARE, we are in need of her, she is IN NEED OF US, CARE because you CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT HER.....

© 2016. Heleen Schoorl